Therapy Approach

Relationships are Key

Couples counseling crossing a bridge
Couples counseling is not just marriage counseling. Emotionally Focused Therapy helps couples and individuals improve their communication and self awareness.

Research has shown that the relationship between you and your therapist is highly predictive of your feelings about counseling and your ability to use the therapy process in a beneficial manner. As a relational therapist, I prioritize forming a strong and trusting relationship with each of my clients so that they can safely explore their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement. I believe it takes great courage and strength to begin the therapy process and I feel honored to come alongside each of my clients in the midst of their struggles. No one should have to feel alone or unsupported during life’s difficulties. Thus, my goal is to help empower my clients to have the lives and relationships they long for and to foster resiliency in the midst of life’s difficulties.

Why Relational Therapy?

Dr. Foss believes that relationships are central to who we are and how we develop as people. It is through relationships that we learn about ourselves and the world. With them, we begin to develop expectations about how others see us and treat us. These experiences with family, friends, and significant others shape our experience of ourselves, as well as how we perceive the world as either a safe or threatening place. In healthy relationships, we come away feeling empowered, loved, important, and valued. In contrast, when our relationships hurt or disappoint us, we often feel disregarded, alone, unwanted, and fearful to trust others.

Because of the foundational nature of your relational experiences, your relationship with yourself and others will be explored as a part of the therapy process so that both you and Dr. Foss can understand more clearly how you’ve come to see yourself and the world around you, as well as how these perceptions impact your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Individual Counseling

Dr. Foss strives to create an environment that is sensitive to cultural issues and welcoming to people of all identities and backgrounds. She approaches therapy in a collaborative manner, working with you to identify your goals and explore your thoughts and emotions in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Dr. Foss’s therapeutic style is tailored to the unique needs of her clients and integrates interpersonal, psychodynamic, and cognitive-behavioral approaches as indicated.

Couples Counseling

When working with couples, Dr. Foss predominately uses Emotionally Focused Therapy techniques (developed by renowned couples therapist Dr. Sue Johnson) to help couples strengthen their connection, reduce conflict, communicate and respond to one another’s core needs, increase satisfaction, and create a more fulfilling relationship.