Relationships and Family of Origin Difficulties

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples in Fullerton, Orange County

Our relationships have a significant impact on our lives for better, and sometimes, for worse. Relationship difficulties can be uniquely distressing when we are hurt by someone we care about or feeling uncertain about someone’s love for us. Additionally, relationships with family members or significant others can often create stress when things are not going well or when the relationship is not emotionally supportive. Dr. Foss specializes in relational therapy and helping individuals who are experiencing difficulties with their peers, family members, partners, or advisors/bosses. Dr. Foss helps her clients to have more fulfilling relationships with others, clarify their wants and needs, appropriately assert themselves, restore repairable relationships, and heal from their emotional wounds that have resulted from inconsistent care or support.

Attachment Based Therapy for Couples Using Emotionally Focused Therapy

When working with couples, Dr. Foss predominantly uses Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) techniques (developed by renowned couples therapist Dr. Sue Johnson) to help couples strengthen their connection, reduce conflict, and communicate more effectively. Emotionally Focused Therapy extends beyond marriage counseling by helping couples and individuals address attachment-based issues impacting any relationship. This research supported approach allows couples to identify their conflict cycle, respond to each others’ needs, and create a more fulfilling relationship by addressing the underlying issues that contribute to feelings of disconnection. Dr. Foss has advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples and is currently pursuing certification in this highly effective therapy approach.


Dr. Foss frequently works with individuals who have a history of traumatic experiences, including: adult survivors of childhood abuse, sexual assault/rape survivors, and survivors of relationally traumatic experiences such as verbal or emotional abuse. Traumatic experiences can significantly impact how you see yourself, the world, and others, as well as your ability to feel safe and connected in your relationships. Dr. Foss strives to create an environment of safety and collaboration in which to process and heal from your traumatic experiences. When treating trauma, Dr. Foss uses an integrative approach to address the physiological, relational, and emotional effects that occur as a result of having experienced a traumatic event(s).

Integrating Religion and Spirituality

Religion and spirituality are often central to a person’s understanding of themselves and the world. As a therapist, Dr. Foss is  interested in understanding all of the important aspects of her client’s lives and has a deep respect for one’s personal beliefs and values. Over the past 6 years Dr. Foss has had the privilege of working with clients from a variety of religious backgrounds who were interested in discussing their faith and spirituality as part of their therapy and personal growth process. In particular, Dr. Foss has extensive experience working with clients from a Christian background. Some of these individuals wanted to integrate their faith in order to better understand and cope with their current struggles, while others were wanting to explore their spiritual doubts and uncertainties. Dr. Foss received specialized training during her graduate studies at Fuller Seminary Graduate School of Psychology in the integration of religion and spirituality with psychology and feels very comfortable discussing such matters when desired. Dr. Foss strives to help her clients utilize their spiritual resources to manage and make sense of their current struggles. And for those who are experiencing religious doubts, she provides a safe place to explore these uncertainties and helps clients reach a place of peace and freedom in their spiritual lives.

Working with Men

Dr. Foss has had additional training focused on working with men and men’s issues in therapy. She strives to provide a counseling environment that honors your competency and strengths as a man. Dr. Foss will help you to feel your best by developing greater clarity about the current obstacles you are facing and helping you find ways of emotionally coping with and overcoming these difficulties in order to empower you in your personal goals.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dr. Foss has over 8 years of experience working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders in order to help them feel more at ease, confident, and connected in their social, academic, and professional worlds. She has a background in DIR/Floortime therapy (originated by Dr. Stanley Greenspan), which uses a relational and developmental approach to understand each person’s unique way of taking in their world and interacting with others socially. Additionally, Dr. Foss utilizes her past training in Applied Behavior Analysis techniques to help her clients achieve their academic and social goals. She honors her clients individual needs and preferences, while encouraging alternative ways of seeing or interacting with their world in order to help them achieve greater confidence, connection, and contentment in their lives.

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